Monday, July 11, 2011

Short Story

I have kept all of you hanging for quite some time now. Having your wisdom
teeth taking out are not a girl's most beautiful moments.
But school is out,
the summer sun is shining, and I am ready to bring
you more of my favorite
fashions. Shorts have always been summer's
must have piece of clothing.
You can always catch me sporting some pretty
short numbers throughout
the seas
on! Since I am only 5'0, shorter shorts do the trick for making my
legs seem longer. Glamour Magazine has
described the perfect shorts for if
you are pear-shaped, have long legs,
or are plus-sized, in their article on-line
"How to Find the Best Shorts for Your Legs."

Floral Top: Forever 21

Linen Bottoms: Forever 21
Tile Necklace: Forever 21
Platform Wedges: Jessica Simpson

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